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Every person on the planet dreams of a better home. LIXIL makes that possible with pioneering water and housing products. Born in 2011 through the merger of five of Japan’s most successful building materials and housing companies, we draw on our Japanese heritage to create world-leading technology and high-quality products that transform homes. We are proud that our products touch the lives of more than a billion people every day and believe we have the potential to do so much more.

As part of LIXIL Corporation and the leading Japanese brand for housing and building materials, TOSTEM stands apart as a one that deeply understands the needs of people. We develop our people-centric home solutions by drawing on a half-century of experience and expertise in balancing design and technology to anticipate the needs of people today and their families for generations to come.

TOSTEM engages in product development, manufacturing, and marketing of a diverse range of home products, such as aluminium windows and doors, entrance doors, and exterior products. Our product portfolio allows us to provide complete “lifestyle solutions” that are flexible, integrated, and coordinated to consumer needs, delivering everyday satisfaction.


Wind Pressure

Air Tightness

Noise Insulation

Water Tightness



GRANTS is TOSTEM’s flagship series. Its innovative design results in a larger surface area of glass for panoramic views. This takes the standard of aluminium windows and doors to another level.

ASTM E330: 2000 Pa
ASTM E300: 300 Pa
ASTM E283: 10.7m3 / h.m2
JIS: 25 dB
Unique Features
- Concealed panel design + L-Fit handle
- Double barrier drainage system
- Overlapping meeting stile

ATIS Series

The art of the view. The patent design of ATIS is not only aesthetically pleasing but has an enormous amount of innovation and technology built within. ATIS works as beautifully as it looks.

JIS S-2: 1200 Pa, ASTM E330: 2000 Pa
JIS W-3: 250 Pa, ASTM E300: 300 Pa
JIS A-4: 2.0 m3 / h.m2, ASTM E283: 10.7m3 / h.m2
JIS: 25 dB
Unique Features
- Streamlined design + L-Fit handle
- Invisible shield innovation (smart screen design)
- Window designed for privacy
- Airflow while it is raining lightly outside
- Power support system is concealed inside the frame
- Snap-on barrier attachment


WE HIGH RISE has passed rigorous tests based on ASTM, and TOSTEM in-house’s toughest standards. Available in various designs with a maximum height of 3 meters to satisfy various designers needs in high-rise market.

ASTM E330: 1600 Pa
ASTM E300: 240 Pa
ASTM E283: 10.7m3 / h.m2
JIS: 25 dB
Unique Features
- Sliding door meeting stiles are designed to withstand high wind loads
- Preinstalled still attachment for pre-cast concrete (option)
- Easily adjustable outer-panel lock
- High quality security lock
- Limit-arm (window restrictor)


WE LOW RISE brings legendary of TOSTEM quality to everyday life. Built for the mass market, yet maintaining strict quality standards. It is priced within everyone’s reach.

JIS S-1: 800 Pa
JIS W-2: 150 Pa
JIS: 25 dB
Unique Features
- Watertight sill with drainage devices prevents rain water
- Combination with fixed window without additional transom
- Internal sliding insect screen (option)
- Easy-grip handle

VIEW & VIEW+ Series

VIEW PLUS helps saving energy, saving electricity bill, and noise insulation by applying double-glass solution. VIEW provides nice visibility as its name together with JIS quality level. VIEW & VIEW PLUS offers the product height up to 3 meters with rich line ups. You will feel secure, comfort, and have a peace of mind, enjoying the scenery through.

JIS: 850 Pa
JIS: 180 Pa
JIS: 8 m3 / h.m2
JIS: 25 dB
Unique Features
- Easily adjustable outer-panel lock
- Airtight piece
- Stopper & Drain valve
- Bottom guide & Safety lock


Smart design profiles and high quality accessories create an elegant and stylish look while being easy to use. Suitable for both luxury residential and commercial projects.

JIS S-1: 800 Pa
JIS W-2: 150 Pa
JIS: 25 dB
Unique Features
- Watertight sill with drainage system
- Flat sill is available and allows barrier-free passage
- Smart designs prevent finger injuries
- Hinge-less design


A luxurious and durable choice to divide interior living spaces. Available are the hanging type without floor track, sliding type with floor track, and swing type. Slim design aluminium profiles give a modern accent to your space.

Unique Features
- Durable rollers for smooth operation
- Soft close for extra safety (option)
- Pull (standard), Handle & Lock-set (option)
- Sill-less design provides safety and comfort for all
- Panel guide piece to prevent panel from shaking when sliding


High quality wood-pattern or metallic finish-doors equipped with user-friendly handle with high security lock system gives better convenience to both family and visitors and make us feel glad to be home.

JIS S-2: 1200 Pa, ASTM: 1200 Pa
JIS W-2: 150 Pa, ASTM: 150 Pa
Out-swing: JIS A-4, In-swing w/ sill: ASTM: 75 Pa
Not rated
Unique Features
- Smart design to prevent finger pinching when door is closed
- Tough against surrounding weather and termite
- Convenient and comfortable Push & Pull bar handle when applied to out-swing type
- Higher security with double lock system, triple sickle-shaped latches
- Removable thumb-turn to prevent accidental opening without key
- Reversible key


With understanding of dweller’s need and comfort at heart, TOSTEM invented and developed window and door that create air circulation in the living space without relying on energy for better air quality, cooler and unpleasant odor-free.

Another factor that TOSTEM keeps in mind during design process is safety and security as TOSTEM AirFlow System is not only provide ventilation but also protect the living space from insect and designed to prevent burglary with secure anti-theft lock but easy to operate with TOSTEM locking system that will improve the security standard whether you are home of not. Our AirFlow System is in modern minimal style to fit in with any house design.

TOSTEM AirFlow System includes GIESTA AirFlow: steel wooden pattern door with integrated ventilation, AirFlow Door: ventilation door with sliding window for multiple ventilation levels and AirFlow Slot: slot for ventilation with flap in top-notch design compatible with various TOSTEM window designs seamlessly.


Maximizing the strength and beauty of aluminium

TOSTEM’s unique TEXGUARD anodized finish gives a high level of protection, alongside showing the beautiful appearance of natural aluminium. TOSTEM offers a wide range of color variations, which allows you to enjoy its lifelong beauty, adding happiness to your lifestyle.

Benefit of TEXGUARD
  • Color retention – TEXGUARD protect the aluminium against harsh environmental conditions, making the color gloss stay for at least 40 years.
  • Increase hardness – Dense coating of TEXGUARD improve hardness and provides scratch resistance for the aluminium surface.
  • Ease of cleaning – Dust and dirt accumulation resistance quality of TEXGUARD makes the task of cleaning the surface less effort.
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